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Jan 17, 2013 1:00pm PST
anywhere in any way? >> i think that's ridiculous. >> some guy by the name of steve ruse actually did trademark power hour and prevented a lot of people from playing the game, including someone we've had on the show before, ali spagnoli. >> 60 original one-minute songs and the audience takes a shot of beer when i change the music. >> guy's saying he owns it. she's like, no you don't. for three years she fought this guy in court to tell us how that went, we have ali via skype "right this minute." you have an announcement to make. >> power hour's free. >> yeah. >> why spend so much money for this? >> i didn't know it would cost that much or take that long. the lawyer helping me out projected most $10,000, and that's like a lot. ended up going through with it because i had online support and people were sending donations. >> tell us what he was trying to keep you from doing? >> we have a game based on the drinking game called power hour. he had me taken off of amazon, others taken off of youtube. he loses. >> are you you in a battle with the beastie boys because you fought for our right
Jan 18, 2013 11:30pm PST
and several other items from the residency. he told police he did not know the home belonged to the late steve jobs and targeted because it was the house was under construction and dark outside. >>> a blanket of snow has been dumped across several states. officials in alabama reported serious condition in jefferson and walker county. the storm left dozens of customers without power. parts of north carolina and mississippi were also hit hard by the storm. >>> well the average highs warm up has arrived. and will continue into the weekend as well. as temperatures this afternoon, look at all the 60s out toward santa rosa. 63, fairfield 63, san francisco 64 and mountain view 65 degrees. we still have a pretty clear weather pattern. a stable one setting up. with that temperatures dropping off already as we showed you. back down into the mid- and upper 30s. napa and santa rosa. downtown san francisco 63 and san jose reporting mostly clear skies and 46. the lake tahoe forecast, a very popular destination this weekend and you will see no threat of showers. same into sunday and 2 degrees will warm you
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2